Hi my name is Andrew;

Our Story all began with my wife Tracy; and the idea of wanting to make a difference in people’s lives.

Moreover; I met my wife back in 2006 through a mutual friend in her hometown; at the time was in my last year of high school there. Tracy and I are both nature enthusiast, animal lovers and are both lovers of the Craft.

Furthermore, we have always wanted to help people in need. We feel we can achieve this through The Wiccans Way; by providing knowledge, and guidance to help others reach their own path of enlightenment, within the Wiccan Religion.

The Craft has always been a big part of Tracy’s life ever since she was ten years old; when her grandmother (a second generation Wiccan) started teaching her the ways of the Craft.

Over the years; Tracy has been teaching me the Craft, and we want to others to benefit from her grandmother’s teachings.