The Wiccan Religion originates from the twentieth century in England.
While there were others of the religious movement that dates back even further; Gerald Gardner- wiccan religion unfortunately; the origins of modern-day Wicca goes as far back as 1940’s, and the early 1950’s.

The founder of the Wiccan belief; Gerald Gardner who is an English Civil Servant (1884-1964); spent his career in Asia learning a variety of different occult beliefs before returning to England.

Furthermore; when he eventually returned back to England from Asia, prior to the beginning of World War II; he became involved with the British occult, and established a new religion known as Wiccan. 

Gardner had used mostly from Western witchcraft traditions and taking from the (1951) Repeal of England’s Archaic Witchcraft Laws; in order to publish his work the Witchcraft Today in 1954.

Afterward; he created his first convent, with the insight from other members; which he took mostly from Doreen Valiente, an author who helped him develop modern-day Witchcraft; which today is known as Wicca.


As a result, the Wiccan belief quickly gained movement through the United States in the late 1960’s. By the 1980s; an estimated 50,000 Wiccans were in Europe, and North America; even though the growth rate had slowed by the end of the decade.

Wicca gained increased social acceptance resulting; in a wide-range of variations of Gardner’s original teachings, and rituals. As a result; new Wiccan groups began to emerge independently of Gardner’s.

One individual who led such a group was; Alexander Sanders (1926-1988). The Dianic Wiccans saw Wicca as a women’s religion and the Neo-Pagan’s, who also worshiped the Goddess and practiced magic.

Moreover, a controversy between a Wiccan faction broke out in the 1960s and 1970s; when they disagreed with Gardner that clothing inhibited magic work; choosing not practice the craft in the nude. On the other hand; decided to donned ritual robes, and call themselves Traditionalists.      

WICCAN RELIGION BELIEFS AND PRACTIChistory of wiccan religion- wiccan alter ES

The Wiccan belief is the deep understanding of nature, the practice of magic, and the worship of various deities; as well as, a non-conforming lifestyle in the search for spiritual connection; all while avoiding traditional religious belief.